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Sister, Goddess, medicine woman

This journey has been weaved and channeled by the Divine feminine. Recieved in visions, encoded in the Rose of life, and inspired by our sisters and our own paths as medicine women.


We created it from lots of love and care to who we are and what we need in order to expand and go to the next level as liberated women on this planet, as leaders of realities, as medicine to the world.

We offer our healing to the earth and to our collective. For all the women who wishes to be free and in their power, to feel re-connected to a tribe of women who are sharing the love together as one.


We know that you are probably taking care of so many others, devoted to your service work in different ways.

This is an invitation to retreat and to allow yourself to recieve & open new gates of the medicine that you are.
You deserve this.

Join us


We welcome you to a 4 day Women's ceremony in the lush jungle of the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica!

Rest in the hands of mother earth and loving sisters,

cleanse and connect deeper to yourself

nourish the body, the soul, the spirit

recieve guidance on your path

and start 2023 with lots of good, good medicine

Come as you are.


Every woman that heals herself is healing the planet and the earth. 


Emotional cleansing

We are constantly going through phases of our own healing, while giving and nurturing others so naturally.


This is our time to get together, and in the safe, inspiring, loving space of a powerful wombmen circle, to reconnect with our own medicine within, to nourish and nurture ourselves.

This retreat will guide you into deeper connection with your inner child and inner family, cleansing the stuck emotions, and calling your powers back!

Recieve the guidance

Every woman carries her unique medicine, coming from her soul. Taking an important, one-of-a kind role in the greater picture of the united field.

Rather if you're walking this path for a while, or if you are in the beginning of rediscovering your way, you have a space.


In this retreat we will sit in a feminine ceremony with the beloved Grandmother Ayahuasca, to guide us from darkness to light in the most beautiful, divine feminine way!

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Self love is #1 key

The path of the rose is the one who connects to the beauty that surrounds us, and within us.

The divine feminine wishes to experience herself through YOUR BODY, with laughter and joy.
All you have to do… is to expand into the LOVE and PLEASURE that life has to offer.


In this retreat we will learn how to nourish ourselves, grow in our self-love and become the pleasures women that we came here to be!

Work with the elements


Your womb has all the information, the wisdom and the memories of the infinite one. Sometimes we forget, getting lost in the illusions of our mind.

Using the power of the elements we will come back home. We will sit with the fire, dance with the air, cleanse with the water and beat as one with the earth.

Allowing the neverending wisdom of UNITY to bring us back HOME

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We are the healers of our lineage, of our ancestors. We are the chain breaker of the feminine collective trauma. 

And what more to expect?

In this retreat we are going to....

🌹Heal in divine Sisterhood ceremonies

🌹 Connect to our dear Mother Earth & recharge 

🌹Sit with Grandma Ayahuasca to connect with the great spirit (optional)

🌹 Connect to the wisdom of the Water 

🌹 Open your unique voice and allow yourself to be seen as you are

🌹 Expand in your neverending Pleasure 
🌹Sing, dance, move, expand

🌹Dive deeper into your unique medicine

🌹Cleanse your soul and spirit

🌹Work with your most gentle parts who waits for you to see them

🌹Dance with your shadows and bring there light 

🌹 Connect & unite your polarities in a Feminine & masculine Dance Healing 

🌹 Play and mother our Inner child


✨ Connect with the powerful women that we are,

The one who travels in between dimensions, and allows the light of the Spirit to work & Dance through us, So we can enjoy our purpose as we serve ourselves and others.  ✨


Come, Sister

Fill the form if you wanna save your spot, or contact us now through Whatsapp - 

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Perfect! We'll be in touch

The tools we work with

🌹 Emotional release & emotional alchemy 

🌹 Shamanic journeys with the elements

🌹 Vocal activation & music as a medicine

🌹 Self-love, womb-wisdom, and body-healing

🌹 Somatic and psychotherapy healing 

🌹 Theta healing and energetic work

🌹 Non-duality and self-centered

🌹 Plant medicine 

🌹 Music and sounds 

🌹 Movement and dance - the wisdom of the body

🌹 The collective consciousness 

🌹 Inner child & Inner family work

🌹 Masculine & Feminine healing ceremon

we will be guided by our inner wild, medicine woman. The witch, the shaman, the one who KNOWS. the one who REMEMBERS. 

Are you ready for...


Nature, music, movement, voice,
re-connecting with yourself

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great food, beautiful jungle, and all the space you need to recharge


shamanic journeys, self-healing, divine ceremonies


start 2023 with your full powers, love, and joy!


beautiful sisterhood time, sitting with the widsom of the elements



Come to remember and own your true power, come to connect to the creatrix inside. 

Luna Dana

a remembering soul, a medicine woman, a child of life.
I’m here to celebrate life while feeling all it has to offer to the very depths. 

Praising the divine goddess with my music, sounds & art. creator of sacred ceremonial spaces of prayer.

Empowering & supporting women on their awakening & spiritual journeys.

creator of “Sofia - Simplicity of the infinite awareness”. 

A guide to your healing path, a sister for your journey.

Unity - Truth - Love

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-09 at 13.10.13.jpeg

Talia Sol

I am a medicine woman, transformational coach & healer, musician, ceremonialist, and a Modern Shamanism practitioner. 

I specialize in sovereign mentorships of all kinds.
I stand for Freedom, Health, Conscious Love, Unity, Presence, Pleasure, and embodying a Joyful lifestyle that is in harmony with all living beings.

My mission & passion is to support the evolution of consciousness, create safe spaces of Unity and unconditional Love, where you get to own your true power, Live Heaven on Earth, and witness magic come to life.


More Information


Februery 22-25th 2023 
We begin on the 22nd at 2pm, and en
d on the 25th around 3pm


'Bhome', Fuente Verde, Diamante Valley, Tinamaste, Costa Rica

a beautiful place in the middle of the lushes jungle


We are keeping the prices accesible as possible for our beautiful tribe.
eposit of 250$ is required to save your spot ♥ 

PRICES INCLUDES: 3 meals a day, snacks, 4 day retreat, Ayahuasca ceremony, and accomondation (single bed, shared rooms.)

Early Goddess - Sold Out

Happy Goddess - Sold Out

Full price - 666$ - last spot!
1 spot for a tica medicine woman / single mom - 444$ all inclusive - available

Upgrade to a private, double-bed room for 55$ (only 3 available)
*Without Aya ceremony - reduce of 111$ from price*



Can I come by myself?

YES! If you have the inner call to join us - come.
a tribe of sisters is waiting for you with open hands & hearts.


How do I know if it's for me?

If you feel connected to the energy of the divine love / if you're here to serve with your special gifts / if you feel the call to connect deeper to mother earth / if you need to take a pause for yourself and re-charge / if you wanna grow, heal, learn more / if you are in service / if you need guidance...
your place is with us ♥

Do I have to participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony?
No. It’s for your choice.
It is recommended to join, Grandmother is a beautiful medicine and we will be having a special Divine Feminine - Rose Path energy ceremony.
We will have a silent, beautiful space for those who chooses not to join us well.
If you're not sure, talk with us ♥


Terms of cancellation?

Cancellation is within 14 days from registraion and not less then a week before the begining of the retreat. Deposit of 250$ is not returned.


Come, Sister

Fill the form if you wanna save your spot, or contact us now through Whatsapp - 

  • Whatsapp

Perfect! We'll be in touch


"We all come from the goddess, and to her we shall return."
Until then, let’s allow her to play through us with full power, pleasure and authenticity.

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